Appointments start at:
2 PM to 6 PM

**By appointment ONLY**
   CALL 619-656-5102

Friday Injury Clinic Location:

MOPT Rancho Del Rey Clinic
885 Canarios Court, Suite 110, Chula Vista 91910


Our Rancho Del Rey facility is located at 885 Canarios Court, Suite 110, behind the Costco and Regal Cinemas on East H Street. We are neighbors with the Pet Emergency Clinic.

If further assistance is necessary please call (619) 656-5102.



FALL 2018 Dates Announced in July

Saturday Injury Clinic Location:
Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy Eastlake Clinic
955 Lane Ave, Suite 201,
Chula Vista, CA 91914

Call for more information: 
(619) 421-9521

MOPT's Eastlake facility is located at The Doctor's Park on the corner of Otay Lakes Road and Lane Avenue at 955 Lane Avenue, Suite 201.

If further assistance is necessary see maps at below or call (619) 421-9521.



The SWSWF Primary Care Sports Medicine fellowship was started in 2009 by Dr. Charles Camarata and partially funded and managed in conjunctions with 

UCSD Division of Sports Medicine.

Cardiology Division

Pre-Participation Sports Screening Assessments


The annual pre-participation sports screening assessments/exams (PPE) are offered to every athlete in the Sweetwater Union High School District at a low cost. All student athletes are required to have a physical exam before they can participate in sports or co-curricular activities each school year. Since 2012 SWSWF has screened over 5000 student athletes.

SWSWF and SUHSD are hosting the annual Pre-Participation Exams & Cardiac Screenings on Saturday, July 21st at Otay Ranch High School. All SUHSD student-athletes welcome. See flyer for your school's time slot!!

Download Student/Parent PPE Event Information



Injury Clinic Map - MOPT Eastlake Clinic


Injury Clinic Map- MOPT Rancho Del Rey Clinic

The purpose of the no cost injury clinics is to provide a location where all Sweetwater Union High School District athletes can access healthcare quickly to obtain an initial evaluation of their injury. An assessment will be performed by an sports medicine physician at no charge. 

The goal is to provide a specialized sports medicine injury assessment to diagnose and treat the student athletes and return them to sports safely and in a timely manner. The athlete’s well-being and proper rehabilitation is the up most priority for SWSWF. 

Cardiac Screenings

The cardiac screening program has the ability to look at student athletes at risk and determine if they are cleared to play competitive sports, or if they would require additional evaluations. With onsite tests such as an EKG and ECHO, the trained technicians and volunteer doctors will be able to work with students who are “at risk” of more serious medical issues. Students who have reported chest pain, dizziness with exercise or who have a family history of these conditions would be given special attention and referred to the appropriate medical professionals immediately for treatment.

2017 Highlights >

During the 2017 sports screening for Sweetwater Union High School District,  200 students were referred to an onsite Cardiac Screening and received an EKG.

Of those students, 22 ECHOs were conducted onsite with two students being deferred, these students were referred to a Cardiac Specialist for further evaluation.The cardiac screening does not require registration. Student must be pre-approved by physician at the medical station for additional cardiac screening (EKG & ECHO). There is no cost for the on-site cardiac screening.

 The cardiac screening is graciously supported and sponsored by:


Current and Past Fellows: 

2016/2017 - Dr. Marcia Faustin

2015/2016 - Dr. Corey Carson

2014/2015 - Dr. Adrian Tabares

2013/2014 - Dr. Seth Camhi

2012/2013 - Dr. Daryl Bates

2011/2012 – Dr. Amy Guigliano

2010/2011 – Dr. Nick Cardinale

2009/2010 – Dr. Jason Spring

SWSWF would like to thank the San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation for their continued support of our programs. SDSMF has been providing financial support since 2010 for ATCs to be onsite at high schools in SUHSD. Our collaboration is vital to the success and longevity of sport medicine programs.


The Southwest Sports Wellness Foundation will provide young athletes access to programs which support educational and athletic goals. College scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine.

The SWSWF will award four (4) scholarships.  The scholarship will be given to the high schools in the Sweetwater Union High School District and the high school will determine who the recipients will be for that school year. 

To qualify for a scholarship the following criteria are mandatory: 

1. Senior year in the Sweetwater Union High School District 
2. Enrolled in CTE Medical Pathways Sports Medicine courses or similar curriculum 
3. Future interest in healthcare, medicine or an allied field

Once the Scholarship is granted to the student, the funds will go directly to the college the student is enrolled in the next year. 

Since 2011 over $30,000 in scholarship funds has been given to students in the SUHSD.

Sweetwater Union High School District’s Certified Technical Education (CTE) program provides students with a comprehensive educational experience that encompasses college and career readiness. The Medical Pathways Sports Medicine courses were launched in 2014 with the guidance of Dr. Charles Camarata. In the 2016/2017 school year, 10 of 12 Sweetwater high schools are offering sports medicine courses with 1100 students’ enrolled district wide. Courses offered are Sports Medicine 1, 2 & 3 and taught by Certified Athletic Trainers. SUHSD CTE provides programs of study that involve a multiyear sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers.